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Roja 19-09-2022 Sun TV Rojah 19.09.2022 Tamil Serial Online | Roja 19/09/2022 Sun TV Serial 19th September 2022
Watch Sun TV Rojah 19.09.22 Serial Roja 19/09/22 Latest Today Episode Online
Roja 19-09-2022 – Sun TV Serial | Sun tv 19-09-22 Rojah Serial

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Sun TV Rojah 19th September 2022 Episode Review/Discussion:

Synopsis: Roja (Priyanka) is a young girl who loses her parents and is raised in an orphanage. She later meets her father (Rajesh) without knowing his identity and when her life becomes critical she will need his help. Later Arjun (Sibbu Suren) gets married to Roja on a contractual basis for one year and they pretend to be a happy couple in front of his family.
Director : Dhanush (Episodes 1-48), V.Sadhasivam (Episode 49-present)
Writer : Saregama Story Crew
Producers : Saregama
Story : Vasubharathy
Dialogues : Selvam Subbhaiya, Guru Sampath Kumar
Screenplay : Selvam Subbaiya, Bombay Chanakya, S.Sekkilar
Music : Ravi Raghav, ” Kavithai Polai Vandhale Roja ” Manasi (Vocals) Arun Bharathi (Lyrics)
Cinematography : R.V.Parthiba Krishnan
Editor : K. Shankar
Cast :

Category: Roja, Sun TV Serials, Tamil TV Serials,

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