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25-11-2022 Sundari Sun TV Sundari 25.11.2022 Tamil Serial Online | Sundari 25/11/2022 Sun TV Serial 25th November 2022
Watch Suntheri Sun tv serials 25.11.22 | Sun TV serial Suntheri 25/11/22 Latest Today Episode Online
Sundari 25-11-2022 Sun tv Serial | Sun Tv Suntheri 25th November 2022
Directed By :Alagar, Balasubramaniem Kathiresan
Produced By :Sun Entertainment, Miracle Media
Writer :
Cast :Gabrella Sellus, Jishnu Menon, Indumathy Manikandan, Rudra, Manohar krishnan

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Sun tv Serials, Sundari
Sun tv Serial Sundari 25th November 2022

The plot of the story revolves around a lower middle–class lady, Sundari, who lives in a village and is often judged and treated by other villagers with inequality due to her dark skin tone. How Sundari overcomes her challenges and achieves her dreams of working in the city, forms the crux of the story.

Category: Sun TV Serials, Sundari, Tamil TV Serials,

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